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17 Mar In-Stock Pre-Made Air Master Impact Windows and Doors: A Buyer's Guide
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In-Stock Pre-Made Air Master Impact Windows and Doors: A Buyer's GuideTable of ContentsIntroductionWhy Choose Air Master Impact Windows and Doors?Type..
23 Jan 2024 Hurricane Season Prediction: What to Expect
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IntroductionAs we gear up for the 2024 hurricane season, it's like standing on the shore, staring out at a vast, unpredictable ocean. You know the wav..
21 May Hurricane Preparation: Protecting Your Home and Family
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IntroductionThe increasing frequency and intensity of hurricanes in recent years have made it crucial for individuals and communities to prioritize hu..
18 Apr Hurricane Shutters: Protecting Your Home During Storm Season
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IntroductionHurricanes are natural disasters that can wreak havoc on homes and communities. To safeguard your home and loved ones during a hurricane, ..
11 Feb My Safe Florida Home Program
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The "Safe Florida Home Grant Program" - A Safe Haven for Florida ResidentsAs the population of Florida continues to grow, so does the demand for affor..
29 Jan Hurricane Season 2023 Forecast & Preparations
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It is that time of year again when residents of coastal regions brace themselves for the annual hurricane season. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric..
23 Jan Impact Windows vs. Hurricane Shutters: Making the Right Choice for Storm Protection
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When it comes to protecting your home from the devastating effects of hurricanes, you have two primary options: impact windows and hurricane shutters...
16 Dec Hurricane & Storm Protection: Cost, Comparison, and Reviews
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The cost of hurricane shutters can vary depending on the type and size of the shutters, as well as the materials used to make them. Here's a general c..
02 Aug How To Measure Windows For Hurricane Shutters
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How to Measure For Shutters & Windows 1Make a list of every location or opening in your home that could allow wind into your home if broken.Draw a sim..
15 Sep Comparing Hurricane Protection Types
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Compare Hurricane Shutter Protection Types Hurricane shutters remain the most economical solution for most homeowners to protect window openings in a ..
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