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Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Bahama shutters are all aluminum.

Bahama shutters will consist of a series of 1-3/4" wide fixed louvers inserted into interlocking box-beam frames, 1-5/8" thick and 2-1/2" wide.

Louvers shall be extruded with a converse beveled edge and spaced in 1-1/4" height increments, louvers may span a maximum 26", at which point an additional box-beam shall be required as an interior frame support (mull).

Each box-beam will be packed with Styrofoam to firmly receive the louver and add structural soundness to the frame. Heavy duty extruded aluminum I beams will be inserted into box-beams for additional reinforcement as required.


Bahama shutters will include a continuous, reversible, extruded aluminum header as a top-hinged mounting device.

Bahama shutters will be supported by means of telescopic adjustable arms (or; fixed arm with the shutter projected at an angle of < 44 degrees). The arms connect to rod brackets on the underside of the shutter and to the camelbacks mounted to the existing structure.

The bahama shutters will include arms which can be disconnected to facilitate lowering the shutter into the closed position (or; the shutters will include arms which are attached permanently in order that the shutters can remain in a fixed position at all times.


Box-beam and louvers will be 3004-H36 roll formed aluminum .025" thick.

Foam will be expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation to meet Federal Specifications HH-1-524A.

I-beam inserts will be 6063-T6 extruded aluminum, .050" typical wall thickness.

All fasteners will be self-tapping stainless steel machine screws or blind-rivets, aluminum alloy 2024-T4.

Header hinge, tube supports, tie-down straps and camelbacks will be aluminum alloy 6063-T6.


Box-beam frame and louvers will be roller-coated baked enamel in a medium gloss as selected from manufacturer’s standard colors (special finishes are available at an additional cost.) I-beam will be mill finish, all other aluminum extrusions will be anodized R1-201.

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